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The tourist center PajarinHovi is a Finnish family-owned company, which was established in 1981. It is located on the crystal clear beach of Carelia’s Pyhäjärvi in Puhos by the highway 6. In the area there is a kilometer long Pajari peninsula, where in the Middle Ages the evil baron Pajari, who tormented the citizens of Kitee, was stoned to death. Closest cities: Kitee 15 km, Joensuu, 75 km, Savonlinna 75 km, Imatra 120 km, Niirala border crossing 55 km, Helsinki 360 km.

In 35 years PajarinHovi has grown into a company providing wide range of tourist services with the theme of “something for everyone”, from kids to grandparents. For the guests there are different sizes of log cabins and villas with full amenities by the beach of the lake Pyhäjärvi. The hotel consists of five terraced houses next to the main building. In the main building there is a restaurant and a café, a shop and a dance pavilion, where you can dance on the rhythms of the top artists. Kitee Zoo is the fourth largest in Finland and along the two kilometre -long scenery path there are about 50 species and 200
animals from Riku-bear to the yaks. PajarinHovi Spa was completed to complement the company’s services in 2010. In addition to different pools there are various slides, hot tubs, saunas and Finland’s largest swimming world for children.