The best vacation in Finland!

Welcome to Kitee zoo, the fourth largest zoo in Finland! The path of two kilometers will give you an experience filled with beautiful scenery and interesting animals. The zoo offers you a chance to meet 50 different species (around 200 individuals). Among them are the lynxes, yaks, deer, alpacas, reindeer, wild boars and the king of the forest, Riku-bear. Birds have a significant role in our zoo too – turkeys, emus and peacocks are waiting for you!

Kitee zoo is open all year round. As the seasons change so does the animal behavior and coloring, so there is always something new to see and experience each season.

Our zoo was founded in 1996 and expanded in 1997. Current area is 10 hectares. Our aim is to continuously develop and reinforce the zoo to keep it interesting and make it even better. For example, in the summer of 2017 our zoo gained quite a few new residents as Père David’s deer aka milu, a couple of white peacocks, a family of Gouldian finches and a pair of sables arrived to their new home. The year 2018 began with the arrival of Ayam Gemani -chickens. They are quite a special species, since they are all black. Feathers, flesh, bones, combs, feet – everything fits the dark theme! The species has made its way to our zoo all the way from India.

Kitee zoo is located in the region of the Tourist Centre Pajarinhovi. The distance from Kitee city is 15 kilometres. It’s easy to visit us, since we are located right next to highway 6. The closest train station is just 15 minutes drive away, too. Right next to the zoo are the hotel, cottages, restaurant, dance pavilion, shop and spa. All this forms a versatile package for a great holiday!