The zoo rules


Welcome to the Kitee zoo. As we aim to make your visit as pleasant as possible for you, your fellow visitors and the animals as well, there are a couple of things that are good to keep in mind during your visit:

  1. Pets are not allowed in the zoo.

The residents of the zoo may be scared or made anxious by the presence of your pet. Your pet might be bothered by some of the zoo animals too.

2. Do not feed the animals!

All animals in the zoo have their own diets. This helps them to stay healthy. When an animal comes close to you, it isn’t begging for food but trying to make contact with you. Animals also have their own containers for fresh water, so you don’t need to offer them a drink.

3. Do not push you fingers through the net or barriers! Don’t push in sticks either.

Animals may see you as an intruder and bite. Especially birds can easily peck through the net, so it’s good to be careful.

4. Do not disturb the animals!

Animals, just like humans, have a right to rest. Especially the mothers of newborn babies need some peace and quiet with their little ones. Avoid being noisy and do not play music in the zoo. Don’t throw things in the animals’ corrals either. 

5. Take note of the other visitors!

Along the path you will probably come across other visitors too. Let’s give everybody a chance to enjoy their visit to the fullest. 

6. Do not bring musical instruments to the zoo. Your playing might annoy animals and other visitors.

7. Keep nature clean and put you trash in a trashcan!

8. Smoking in the zoo is forbidden!

9. About photography:

Do not use flash while taking pictures, since it disturbs the animals and other visitors. Other than that taking pictures for home purposes is okay. If you want to take pictures for commercial purposes, please contact the recepition of the Tourist Centre Pajarinhovi.